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Support young adults as they become independent, active members of the community

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Mission: Provide unconditional support and programming for young people as they become productive, independent and active members of the community.

Vision: Preparing young people for life and building a stronger community.

Core Values:

Helping young people achieve success while respecting their individuality

Unconditional positive regard

Believing in the abilities, goals and dreams of every young person we encounter.

Our goal at The HUB is to provide unconditional support and programming for young people, 16-24, as they become productive, independent, contributing, active members of the community.

This is accomplished with a focus in the areas of education, employment and empowerment.

Education: The HUB provides programming in local high schools for students that are credit deficient, struggling with truancy or pregnant/parenting (Back on Track). These supports and services are aimed to assist students with staying in school and successfully moving closer to the goal of graduation. The HUB recognizes that traditional school does not work for everyone so we also provide free GED prep classes and remove barriers to accessing GED testing. Additionally the HUB provides support for individuals exploring and transitioning to post-secondary education (LEAP).

Employ: The HUB assists participants in developing job skills and connections through a job readiness curriculum (Project HIRE) and connections to volunteer/community service opportunities (Volunteer Coordination), access to resources for job searching and supports once employment has been secured.

Empower: Concrete supports are imperative to navigate the transition to adulthood. The HUB empowers participants to advocate for themselves, assists with learning supports and resources and provides additional caring adults in the lives of participants.Our community is fortunate to have many resources however navigating the available resources can be confusing for anyone especially for those young people that are aging out of the child welfare system and are separated from the supports and services they have come to know.The HUB’s Central Access Navigator assists young people to determine the supports and services available and ensure that a customized system of supports is assembled.Assistance available to young adults includes:access to emergency needs based funds, youth eviction prevention programming, financial literacy & budgeting assistance.Project Everlast Youth Council is comprised of young people served at The HUB that come together to create an environment for members to find peer support, educational enrichment opportunities and advocate for change in the child welfare systems.

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission and impact a young person’s life. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

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